Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Emergent Trends in Global Education

Valerie Hannon shares with us about current trends in education. Do you need to learn to let go? Are your students REAL (Rigorous, Engaged, Authentic, Learning)?

  1. Learning is personalised.
    • Learners' passions and engagement (important starting point)
    • Co-creation and agency (develop relationships)
    • Mastery and depth (enables people to experience powerful results)
  2. Learners are connected.
    • Real-world issues and problems (looking at the 'here and now' within the community)
    • Tech-enabled PLNs; mobile (creating possibilities to learn through social networking, via technology, liberating you beyond the bounds of geography, but still making extraordinary connections)
    • Internships; community action (gaining a meaningful, deep understanding of work environments)
  3. Learning is integrated.
    • Multi-disciplinary PBL; inquiry (rigorous learning)
    • Flipped, blended, online/practical, ramified (bring in a range of pieces, and integrate into environments that are shifting)
    • Heart/head/hand ("We've been living in our heads and losing the sense of importance to make things with our hands... Another under explored principle amongst the OECD is the emotional side of learning.")

"If you're in the innovation space, then you need to go beyond the research findings. It will shift you from being a consumer into a creator - exactly what we want from our students."

  • Daniel Pink's video can be found here
  • Visit High Tech High to learn more about Project Based Learning.
  • Find out about Valerie's book, Learning a Living, by clicking here.

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